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Most people who think of taking a cruise consider first their destination. They dream of romantic France or exotic Morocco or the sun-filled Greek Isles. Those are great destinations, for sure. But many cruises today go… nowhere. They simply cruise around for a few days, then return to port. They don’t need to go anywhere because there is so much to do on board.

It used to be said that oceangoing cruise vessels were like floating hotels. Today, they are so large and so packed with things to see and do they are more like floating cities. Like a city that appeals to tourists, they have more to do than you can enjoy in one vacation.

Large ships today have complete shopping malls, not just a boutique store. Though the latter certainly are there, too. In the duty-free shops you can pick up items without worrying about extra tax added to your purchase on ship or afterwards. Though there may be some restrictions on some items.

You can window shop for hours. There is so much to look at. Prices used to be so high, only the wealthy would actually purchase anything. No more. Now you can find unique items at department store prices. Look around, have a meal, then come back and buy.

Maybe you enjoy a good game of tennis or like to bowl. No problem, the cruise lines have you covered. There’s also the traditional shuffleboard, which is more fun than you might guess. Beware of some of those elderly sharpshooters, though. They’ve had lots of practice. But would you ever have thought that you could go rock climbing on a ship? You bet you can. Some of the levels would challenge even experienced climbers as well.

If you’re trying to decide between spending a week on the golf course and taking a cruise why not combine them? Yes, ships now have driving ranges that rival a good club. And now you can lie with the masters and claim you hit one from the deck to shore at… how many yards was that?

Reading used to be a common past time on a cruise. And it still is! You also don’t have to worry about bringing just the right book anymore, either.

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Cruise ships often have well-stocked book stores and libraries right on board. Still, don’t overlook the opportunity to talk to that attractive person on the next lounge chair by asking them “What’s that you’re reading?”

It used to be that eating was the main focus of many cruises. While there is much more to do today, eating has not been neglected. Fine restaurants that rival the best onshore can be found on many cruise ships today. After all, if you were a master chef, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to work all over the world without getting on a new plane every day?

But the most important thing to do on any cruise is enjoy yourself. You work hard and cruises certainly cost more than dinner and a movie. Get the most out of your entertainment dollars and pick a cruise that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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