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We have a wide array of options for group transportation.

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Let’s face it: travelling with any group larger than a few people can be incredibly stressful, and if you are tasked with herding a large group of children, elderly, or even simply capable adults through the process of airport or cruise transfers, the frustration and stress can build up fast. This can be exacerbated by trying to find transportation for all these people, even for a simple thing like an airport transfer. Fortunately, Freedom Airport Service is ready to accommodate groups of up to sixty-nine passengers with transportation between major London airports and cruise ports. If you are looking for a great group transfers London airports service, look no further than Freedom Airport Service.
We have a wide array of options for group transportation. Groups of seven passengers can enjoy the 7-Seater, which offers a Mercedes Viano with significant luggage space, while groups of eight can move up to the Transporter, which provides a VW Transporter Shuttle. Groups larger than eight will need to combine multiple vehicles into one transport service, although being able to mix and match depending on group size, desired vehicle type, and total cargo makes it easy to match your budget to the vehicles you choose.
Suppose, for example, that you are travelling with a group of eighteen people. Transporter packages are each able to carry eight passengers, so hiring three of them would be overkill. Three 7-Seater packages could work as well, although there is still wasted space. For the best value, you could choose two 7-Seaters (a total of fourteen passengers) and one Estate (an MPV that seats four). This ensures you have no wasted space, and gets you the highest degree of cost-effectiveness while maximizing everyone’s comfort.
Performing group transfers London airports can be hard work, and if you want to take some of the stress out of group chauffeur travel, then choose Freedom Airport Service. We also offer a number of additional benefits like flight monitoring and free sixty minutes’ waiting, both of which are free of charge. These services are designed to help make the airport transfer process a little easier, allowing you to reschedule if your flight is delayed or cancelled and ensuring you have plenty of time to reach your meet and greet once your plane lands. For the best care and the greatest amount of comfort, choose Freedom Airport Service for your group transfer needs.
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