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Tours from London to virtually every other major city in the UK are available.

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Freedom Airport Service is a popular choice not only for those looking for safe, fast, and affordable transportation between airports or cruise ports, but for those wanting to take a personalized tour of London as well. However, we are pleased to announce that we can arrange tours of virtually every major city within the UK provided your pickup is from any London airport or hotels or within greater London area. Some examples of tours like “Canterbury to see the Cathedral” or “Dover to see the Castle”, or “Bath famous for its spas”, or perhaps “Stonehenge to see the ring of stones from the dawn of time” allowing you to transform your airport transfer or tour into an extended journey, depending on how much time you have on your hands. Tours from London to virtually every other major city in the UK are available with a vehicle of your choosing, on a full day hire basis. Here, we’ll go over a few aspects of these tours, as well as how you can take advantage of the various benefits Freedom Airport Service has to offer.
One of the best aspects of touring with Freedom Airport Service is that the type of car in which you travel is entirely up to you. Options range from the economic and affordable Standard private car hire, which provides a four-door sedan capable of seating up to four passengers, to the Transporter vehicle hire, which seats up to eight with ample space for luggage. Pairs of vehicles are also available for those travelling in larger groups, allowing up to sixteen people to enjoy the same tour. At a competitive price compared to the larger coaches.
Vehicle options for those wanting to ride in a bit more style during their tour from London to cities like Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester include the Executive car hire and the Elite car hire. The Executive car hire provides either a Mercedes E Class or BMW 5 Series vehicle, while the Elite car hire offers either a Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 Series. Being able to choose your own vehicle allows you to match your group size to your budget, and depending on what degree of comfort you want, there is sure to be something to suit you.
Freedom Airport Service not only provides a variety of vehicles, but can offer tours in multiple languages as well. Drivers that speak multiple languages can be hired, allowing you to combine the functions of chauffeur and tour guide into one. The option to have an additional tour guide that speaks your language (separate from the driver) is also available. However it is you want to tour the UK; Freedom Airport Service is ready and more than willing to accommodate you. For the best tours of London and other major UK cities, choose Freedom Airport Service.
The best part of the service is that we can tailor make your tours, so that you have the choice to see the attractions that you want to. So the car services that are offered by us are truly bespoke to you.



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