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Free 60 Minutes Waiting

When you get off a plane, it’s always nice to have someone waiting for you

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From following countries and speak to our booking staff in London.

From USA: (206) 855 3150
From Abroad: +1 206 855 3150

From Hong Kong: 8121 4233
From Abroad: +852 8121 4233

From Australia: (03) 9013 5053
From Abroad: +61 3 9013 5053



When you get off a plane, it’s always nice to have someone waiting for you, ready to take you to your destination. Whether this is a family member, friend, or professional driver, the convenience of having a ride ready and waiting is certainly worth it. That said it can be a major annoyance if your flight is delayed, or if you get held up after exiting the aircraft, and have to pay extra for the driver’s time spent waiting. For this reason, we have a policy that the first sixty minutes the driver spends waiting after your flight lands come at no cost to you.
We provide professional drivers that are prepared to transport our clients from a number of different airports around the United Kingdom, including Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick, Stansted Airport, London City Airport and Luton Airports. Our Airport transfers service also comes with a meet and greet service as well as flight monitoring services (so that in the event your flight is delayed or cancelled, you are not charged for the driver’s wasted time). Our fleet of high quality vehicles are fully insured and licensed, as are our drivers. If you are looking for a reliable transport service, then look no further.
Having a free sixty minutes of waiting included in your transportation service can be an excellent way to reduce the amount of stress inherent in travel from and to London airports. If you have used transportation services in the past, you likely know the feeling of having to rush after a connection in order to get to your driver on time, and the frustration you can experience when you are not only held up after a flight, but know in the back of your mind that you are going to be paying the cost of that wasted time as well.
This extra time buffer allows you to take your time after exiting your flight, permitting you to stop for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, ensure that you have everything you need in order to complete your journey. There is no need to rush about, as you can rest easy knowing that you have plenty of time to exit the gate and be on your way. That said, if you are in a hurry regardless (suppose you have an urgent meeting), then the driver will be ready and waiting to take you to your destination at a moment’s notice. Choose Freedom Airport Service for your transportation needs.
When we will send our Driver inside the Airport?
If you have check-in Luggage
30 Minutes - After the flight lands for long haul flights
20 Minutes - After the flight lands for short haul and European flights.
If you have Hand Luggage only
20 Minutes - After the flight lands for long haul flights
15 Minutes - After the flight lands for short haul and European flights.
You can also request an extra waiting time at the time of your booking.
We allow you free 60 minutes after the actual landing time of your flight for immigration and baggage collection to meet the driver, which is more than enough time in normal circumstances. If you think you require more than 60 minutes before you meet the driver after your flight has landed then, please select extra free minutes during your booking online or tell the booking agent when booking over the phone. For Example, if you want to meet the driver one hour and 30 minutes after your flight has landed then you need to select 30 minutes from the list which means will send our driver inside the airport to meet you 1 hour and 30 minutes after your has landed.
Please note there is a charge of £6.00 for every completed 15 minute after the free 60 minutes if you do not request EXTRA waiting time and then took more than 60 minutes for your immigration and baggage collection before you meet the driver. Please note we do not charge for flight delays, and we are monitoring your flight landing time.



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