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The Freedom Elite chauffeur car is available on both a daily and weekly basis.

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We are pleased to announce our Freedom Elite airport transfer service. This VIP chauffeur service is ideal for those that want the utmost degree of luxury when travelling from one destination to another, even if it’s just a quick transfer. It is also ideal for when you need to hire chauffeur driven car service for an important guest, such as a superior from your company. The Freedom Elite chauffeur car is available on both a daily and weekly basis, and can be customised with one of two types of vehicles, and here we’ll take a brief look at both of them, as well as some of the other benefits the chauffeur car has to offer.
The most common vehicle chosen for our Freedom Elite chauffeur car is the Mercedes S Class. This vehicle is a high specification model equipped with every available option for comfort, both inside and out, as well as additional safety features to ensure the safest, most luxurious ride possible. These vehicles are, of course, driven by very experienced, fully licensed professional chauffeurs, each of which has extensive knowledge of short cuts and side routes within the London area. This knowledge ensures that you are delivered quickly to your destination even when traffic is heavy, or that you can stop and see a few of the sights when you have extra time on your hands.
The BMW 7 Series is also available for hire on a daily or weekly basis, and is a slightly sportier choice of vehicle. It is equipped with full safety features as well as additional comforts, and if you are looking to hire chauffeur driven car services, it is an excellent choice for VIPs. The BMW 7 Series has a professional yet somewhat flashy appearance, ensuring you will stand out when you arrive at a given destination.
Whether you are attending a conference lasting several days, and need a private chauffeur for an extended period of time, or if you simply want to provide an important guest or client with a VIP treatment of London for a single day, Freedom Airport Service can accommodate your needs. The Freedom Elite chauffeur car comes with complementary newspapers and water, allowing you or your guests to make themselves at home. Each of the Freedom Elite vehicles can comfortably seat four passengers, and has a cargo capacity of one to two medium sized check-in bags and two pieces of carryon luggage. So for a regular reservation give Freedom a call to see how they can help.
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