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London Stansted Airport (STN)

Planning is a Necessary Part of a Smooth Journey

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If you have a flight leaving London Stansted airport (STN), planning will make your trip to and from the airport easier as Stansted Airport is based in Essex. Some decide to take their own vehicle and use long stay parking. Others ask family or friends to take them to the airport and drop them off. If neither of these options is convenient, others look to trains, buses, coaches, or taxis for transportation. There are many public transportation options to and from the airport most of the day and night. If you want to avoid multiple transfer points and hauling your baggage about, you should consider hiring a private car service from Freedom Airport Service “Experience the Difference”. They can pick you up at your hotel or residence and drop you off at the airport.
We at Freedom Airport Service are of the best taxi or chauffeured private car service provider based in London and some of the regular transfers are:
  • London to Stansted airport
  • Stansted airport to heathrow airport
  • Stansted airport to Gatwick airport
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  • Bournemouth Stansted airport
  • From Stansted airport to Victoria station
  • From Stansted airport to Canterbury
  • From Stansted airport to Cambridge
  • From Stansted airport to waterloo station
  • Taxi from Stansted airport to London city
  • How to go from Stansted airport to Birmingham NEC
At London's Stansted Airport, check-in is on the ground floor of the terminal. It is important to be there three hours prior to any long-haul flight. If you are flying on a scheduled European flight, check-in two hours before departure. For UK and Ireland flights, two hours is enough. You can also use online check-in to shorten that time with some airlines. However, you should be at security at least one hour before your departure. After checking in, the next stop will be security. It is important to plan and have your hand baggage ready for security checkpoints. Each passenger may have one item of hand baggage. There are certain items not allowed in the cabin including sharp items, projectile firing weapons, tools, stunning devices, incapacitating devices, explosive or incendiary substances, or blunt instruments.
Families travelling should plan. If you are travelling with an infant, make sure you pack enough milk or formula to get through the flight. It is also important to travel with games or small amusements for children to keep them occupied in the lounge as well as on the plane. There are family friendly restrooms and changing areas throughout the airport at London's Stansted Airport. The restaurants and bars out the terminal provide high chairs as well as children's menus. You can find small toys and colouring packs at shops as well.
London's Stansted Airport offers travellers the ability to relax before their flight. One option is to book him at an airport lounge for a quiet relaxing experience. There are places within the airport to enjoy watching flights land and take off. There are even shower facilities available for those in between flights if you need to freshen up!
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