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London Heathrow Airport

Planning Ahead Can Make Your Flight Go Smoothly

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Planning how to get to and from London Heathrow airport is as important as booking your flight out of Heathrow. The airport is accessible by many transportation options. There are trains travelling out of central London. There is also an Underground station available at the airport. Many buses and coaches travel in and out of the airport throughout the day. Many passengers choose to drive their own vehicles and use long stay parking, but that can be expensive. If you are planning a long haul flight, hiring a private car service from Freedom Airport Service will allow you to relax both on the way and back from the trip with a professional driver so that you can be confident that you will arrive safely. Driving your own car long distances after a long flight can be dangerous, especially if you are tired or have jet lag after coming in from a different time zone.
Once you arrive at London Heathrow airport (Airport code LHR), you need to know how to check in for your flight. Each terminal has its own location for flight check-in, and there are 5 Terminals in all. Make sure to follow signs and regulations laid out for check-in. It is important to arrive three hours early for any long haul flights. For flights to other parts of Europe, arrive no less than two hours before your scheduled departure. For flights within the UK or Ireland, expect to be there 90 minutes or more before departure. Make sure you have your tickets and passport ready during check-in. It is important to pack both your hold luggage and your hand baggage properly before you leave home. That will save you time and hassle at both check-in and security. There are items that you should not have in your hand luggage such as scissors, blades, knitting needles, and cutlery, basically anything that could be used as a weapon as these items will be confiscated.
In most cases, passengers flying out of London Heathrow airport may only have one item of hand baggage per person. Some airlines allow more than one piece, however. Make sure of your airline's restrictions. If you are travelling with an infant, you may carry enough baby food or baby milk to get through the flight. Any other liquids or gels must be no more than 100 ml. Moreover, all of them must fit down into a clear plastic bag. All baggage going inside the airplane must go through x-ray screening (security). There are certain items banned from hand baggage including sharp items, projectile firing weapons, stunning devices, incapacitating devices, tools, blunt instruments, explosive or incendiary substances, and dangerous goods such as flammable or harmful substances.
Once you get past London Heathrow airport security, take time to relax and get ready for your flight. There are many options for eating and shopping. Anything you purchase beyond security checkpoints is permissible on your flight with no restrictions.
If you arriving at Heathrow airport London or departing from Heathrow and need a chauffeur taxi or transfer from London city centre or from another city in the UK then Freedom Airport Service would be an ideal meet and greet taxi provider in London.
Examples of common travel from Heathrow (LHR):
  • Heathrow airport taxi to London city centre
  • Heathrow airport minicab to Cambridge
  • Heathrow to Gatwick airport cars
  • From London to heathrow airport to Oxford
  • London city airport to heathrow airport
  • Heathrow airport taxis to Kensington
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