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London City Airport (LCY)

Some Notes and Tips on Making Your Trip More Comfortable

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If you are planning a trip that involves City Airport London (LCN), planning is important. Getting to the airport is part of planning your trip. You need to arrive at least an hour ahead for domestic flights and two hours for international flights. You can arrive by car, taxi, train, bus, and other means. Be sure to plan if you want to hire a taxi or if you need to take a train or bus. Check their schedules to make sure you arrive before the necessary security times. Getting a reservation or ticket ahead of time will assure your travel. You can avoid hassle however, if you use a private car service such as Freedom Airport Service. They can pick you up at your residence or hotel and get you to the airport on time, and in comfort without the stress of using public transport.
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With the proper planning, you can get through London City Airport security quickly and without hassle. If you are travelling internationally, make sure you have your passport and other documentation ready and available. Make sure you do not have any banned items in your luggage. Some of the items banned from hand luggage include razor blades, knitting needles, and scissors, and household cutlery, knives of any sort, and toys that resemble weapons. If you require hypodermic needles for a medical condition, you may need to provide proof that you have the need. If you carry any medications, keep them in their original packing. Leave gifts unwrapped to prevent security from having to unwrap your presents for examination.
While at London City Airport, keep an eye on your luggage. Increased security means not letting your luggage out of sight. Do not look after anyone else’s luggage. Keep your eyes on display boards that show departures. It will give you a heads up if your gate changes or when you need to board. If you travel with children, it is very important to plan. Make sure you carry the allowed food and drink in proper sized containers, and some toys to keep the children amused. That will help you avoid troubles getting through London Airport City Airport. Bring colouring books and crayons to help the children pass the time. Make sure you have all the documentation for your children with you.
London City Airport gives you access to destinations around the world. Planning will make your travels easier and more comfortable for everyone in your party. You can begin and end your journey in comfort if you use a private car service from Freedom Airport Service who are experienced in Airport Transfers and will make your journey much more pleasant especially if you have children with you, and you need assistance with your luggage.
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