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3D Secure Processing

Making Sure Freedom Airport and its Customers are fully protected from online fraud.

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When you do business with Freedom Airport Service over the internet, your financial information is secure with 3D Secure processing. Freedom wants to make sure all of your business with them is secure and safe. That is why we rely on 3D Secure. This credit card security methodology will allow you to have security in doing business with Freedom. We use this technology because it is among the best options in the technical world for securing customers credit or debit card information. We want to make sure our customers have the utmost trust in all of our services. That extends to our online transactions as well.
3D Secure processing provides a secure transaction with our state of the art protocols. Each transaction requires the card owner to use a password during the transaction which they have setup with their card issuer or provider. This password authentication helps reduce the number of disputed transactions by providing authentication. This helps the average consumer achieve confidence in using Freedom Airport Service’s convenient online booking. When someone else tries to use the cardholder’s account, that person cannot make a transaction without the proper password as you are the only person who knows about it. This helps reduce fraudulent charges. It helps keep the cardholder’s financial information and accounts secure.
3D Secure processing helps both the cardholder and the merchant. The cardholder gets a level of authentication to protect their financial information. The cardholder does not need to use any special hardware to access the Freedom Airport Service’s online services. The interface is easy to use and seamless for the cardholder. It provides the cardholder with complete control over how they use their credit card online. The benefits it provides to the merchant helps to keep costs down for the consumer. The merchant provides reduced risk of fraudulent or disputed charges. This helps keep costs down in the end.
Freedom Airport Service is dedicated to providing their customers with the latest technical protections for their credit card information. Our hope is that consumers will come to trust the online booking service that gives the consumer access to all the services offered. By securing the customer’s financial information, Freedom wants to become a trusted partner for all of your private transportation requirements in the future. That is the biggest reason we chose 3D Secure processing for all of our online customer transactions. Customer service and satisfaction drives Freedom’s business. That should extend to all online and in-person encounters alike. Being secure in online transactions is part of that.



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